Khezheli Chishi

The incredible story of a 90 year old weaver who is still strong enough to weave five shawls/mekhalas in a month!

Khezheli Chishi

She is a 90 year old weaver who has been weaving for the past seven decades. Meet Khezheli Chishi, a traditional weaver from Nagaland whose passion for work is still alive and can still weave about five shawls/mekhalas in a month.

She suffers no health problems and effortlessly slides a thread through a needle without wearing spectacles. “People are amazed that I can still weave,” she says.

But Khezheli’s story is not one without hardship. Her wrinkled but firm hands speak volumes about the hard work she has put into weaving all these years. Khezheli was born in October, 1925 at Sastami village in Zunheboto district. After studying up to class 2 at Impur in Mokokchung district, she returned to her village and became the local church woman leader. In 1943 she married Yetozu Chishi, a school teacher from Naghuto village. Unfortunately, she was widowed early and was left to fend for her seven children.

Undeterred by the adversity, Khezheli used the only weapon she had to move ahead in life- weaving. She applied for a weaving licence at Mokokchung and thereafter started her own unit at Naghuto village. She began to participate in annual exhibitions that were held during Republic and Independence Day at Kohima. In 1985, her work was chosen from among the 16 Naga indigenous tribes at an exhibition held at Calcutta and New York. The same year she received a National Award from the Government of India. She has also won a total of 45 awards from the Nagaland state government.

Over the years, Khezheli has trained hundreds of young women to weave. During the initial years, the state government offered her a monthly stipend of Rs. 3000 for imparting training to girls at Zunheboto. She moved to Dimapur in 1986, where she set up another training unit at Chekiye village. Apart from the regular supply of traditional (Sumi) and contemporary Naga attires to the Department of Industry and Commerce, she also takes orders from clients. Her work is renowned and marketed not only in India but across the world. She uses the traditional technique for weaving and all her designs are very elaborate.

Khezheli is credited to have created six new designs – namely: Ahuna, Tsulichepu, Ghile, Aghile, Kiyepu and Tiqhi (mekhalas worn by Sumi women). She was also “chosen” and “entrusted” to weave the “Michiphi”, a shawl that was produced out of a vision revealed by the “Holy Spirit” to Isak Chishi Swu, Chairman of the NSCN (IM). She is currently the oldest surviving weaver in the Sumi community having in-depth knowledge about traditional patterns and motifs.

Khezheli’s pays extreme importance to keeping traditional knowledge alive. And that is why she has engaged her daughters-in-law and granddaughters in her work. “I want to make sure that our tradition doesn’t fade away,” she says. Concerned about the present generation’s lack of interest in weaving and traditional attires, she says: “People spend lakhs of rupees buying traditional clothes during their daughters’ weddings but they don’t teach them the importance of it.”

Apart from weaving, Khezheli keeps her mind active by involving herself in the church. “Whatever I have is God’s blessing. I owe Him everything,” she says. And though age may have caught up with her, Khezheli aims to keep spinning her yarn. “She will weave as long as she lives,” her daughter in- law said.



10 Awesome “Motorcycles of the Future” which will make you want to travel to the future!

More and more people change a car to a motorcycle.  And as the technology evolves, motorcycle manufacturers are trying to please every “biker”. Manufacturers have focused their attention on the creation of the so-called “Motorcycle of the Future”. These models remind unusual copies from a science fiction movie. Below is the top 10 of these innovative inventions of the future, though they can be used today.

1. Honda V4

Honda V4, a motorcycle, which was presented in 2008 at a bike show in Germany, is a stylish futuristic sport bike which is a bit against the generally accepted ideas about bikes. It offers a completely new design direction for the brand Honda

Honda V4

2. Suzuki G-Strider

Suzuki G-Strider was first seen in 2003 at the Tokyo Motor Show. This concept motorbike is best described as half road bike, half-scooter.

Suzuki G-Strider


3. I.Care

This bike is the best example of modern technology where design helps to develop the speed. It was designed in France to develop high-speed on the roads

Icare motorbike

4. Victory Vision 800

This bike is one of the most powerful. It is suitable for city races and riding on the track. By the way, it is already popular among fans for its durability and reliability.


5. Yamaha Tesseract

Yamaha Tesseract is a motorcycle that was presented at the Yamaha 2008 Tokyo Motor Show. Yamaha has made this model with V-shaped electric motor.


6. Peraves Monotracer

Peraves Monotracer is extremely unusual closed motorcycle. Thanks to sports, aerodynamic appearance and low fuel consumption, it is very comfortable on long distances.


7. Bombardier Embrio

“Embrio” is a kind of one-wheeled motorcycle presented by Bombardier in 2003, now it is only conceptual design. If the producers will still produce this model, it will not be available until 2025. Despite the apparent singularity, a motorcycle can reach enormous speeds.



8. Batpod

This monster works by using water cooling technology, single-cylinder engine is focused on the rapid acceleration. It looks a little heavyweight, but it is only at first glance, it has only to accelerate, and it will leave behind any “light” mode



9. Dodge Tomahawk

Dodge Tomahawk is a kind of moto mobil from Dodge. For his mad look and potential Widowmaker Dodge was later called “Tomahawk”. The bike was first seen in 2003 in one of the Detroit auto salons.

Dodge Tomahawk


10. Confederate Renovatio

Motorcycle Renovatio is a radical bike, designed by top designers of America.

This is one of the very minimalist motorcycles, however, none of the functions of the bike was not lost.

Confederate Renovatio




Facebook integrates WhatsApp into Facebook for Android

Ever since Facebook acquired WhatsApp, both companies have announced loud and clear that they have no intention to mix their main mobile applications and that WhatsApp Messenger will remain independent even after this takeover.

Well, it seems that one year after the acquisition things are about to change if we are to take into consideration that latest changes Facebook has implemented into its Android application.

Back in 2014, WhatsApp said in its blog post about Facebook and WhatsApp relationship:

WhatsApp will remain autonomous and operate independently. You can continue to enjoy the service for a nominal fee. You can continue to use WhatsApp no matter where in the world you are, or what smartphone you’re using. And you can still count on absolutely no ads interrupting your communication. There would have been no partnership between our two companies if we had to compromise on the core principles that will always define our company, our vision and our product.

This is the first instance of Facebook working towards a Facebook and WhatsApp integration. This looks like the first step to merge both the platforms. Geektime writes that both Facebook and WhatsApp are closely working on an integration more prominent. It’s very much possible that users will be soon able to exchange messages between Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.


The folks over at Geektime have been recently tipped on a new feature that might seem minor at first glance, but with deep implications when it comes to the interdependence of WhatsApp Messenger and Facebook applications.

It looks like Facebook for Android version, which is not yet available to everyone, has a new feature that allows users to share their status updates via WhatsApp Messenger.

Those using Facebook for Android frequently probably know that you can share your status updates or anything from the application by clicking the Share button. This allows you to share Facebook info through several social networks, email, Bluetooth and others.


The new feature seems to be available for select Android users

However, this particular version of Facebook for Android has a dedicated button that allows you to share your posts, status and anything else directly through WhatsApp.

The change does not show on everyone’s application yet, so Facebook might test this new feature with a select group of users.

While this isn’t necessarily a bad change, it remains to be seen what other additions Facebook plans to include into its Android application that has something to do with WhatsApp.

One thing is clear though, Facebook is actively looking for ways to implement WhatsApp services into its Android application. It may be possible for WhatsApp to get a few Facebook features in the process? Only time will tell how deep this integration will go for WhatsApp and Facebook users.


NAJ COSFEST 2015 scheduled for 11-12 July. Book your stall now!

Nagaland Anime Junkies COSFEST 2015!!!!

Nagaland Anime Junkies’ 3rd Annual COSFEST is all set for July 11 & 12.  The biggest Animie Fest in Nagaland and also the best in North East region is all set to make this years event more bigger and more fun! 

Well here’s your chance to set up your stall and get all the attention you deserve from the thousands of young people who will throng to this festival!

Book a stall now and sell ANYTHING during the fest. Food, cloths, merchandise, toys, costumes, comics, art, photography etc and Be Part of this year’s biggest anime fest in Nagaland.

If you still need a reason why you should be part of this year NAJ COSFEST 2015, check out the pictures from last year’s COSFEST from our blog! Last year we have posted an article on ‘why you shouldn’t miss the next NAJ Cosfest!‘ , well that will pretty convince you why you shouldn’t miss this time! Also check out about COSFEST 2014 here


Here’s how you can book a stall :


a) NAME:

NAJ will send you a list of the stalls available along with pricing and dimension details.

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zaza beats

ZAZA Bangs just stole a whole lot of hearts with her debut single ‘A Lil Taste’

ZAZA Bangs is a 21 year old singer and songwriter, born and brought up from Kohima, Nagaland. She cites her dad as her greatest musical influence, who was also a great singer and an artist himself. It all started at home when her dad first taught her how to play the guitar. Growing up she continued to learn and began performing in the churches, weddings ceremonies and social gatherings.

She is currently pursuing musical courses in Electronic Music Production(EMP) and DJing in Bangalore. She has also worked and featured with prominent artists such as Big Deal, Xtacy-Sash and MC Zing to name a few.
zaza beats

Although she does not associate herself with any particular genre, she tries to experiment with various types of music. She enjoys listening to Electronic Dance Music (EDM) and artists such as Bob Marley, Adele, Ingrid Michaelson, Jason Mraz, Imagine Dragons among many others.

The song, “A lil taste” is her first original indie-pop track, mixed and recorded at the Clef Ensemble Studio, Kohima.


Download Link:

Naga chillies grown in UK

After years of attempt, Naga Chillies grown on British soil for the first time!

A farm in a county of South West England have for the first time started to grow the scorching hot Naga chilies on British soil and it’s already become a massive hit.The South Devon Chilli Farm – known to be a favourite among British celebrities has started to successfully grow what they call the Bhut Jolokia (Indian naga) after years of trial and error. The farm which produces 150 varieties of chillies – a quantity of 12 tons a year has had the first season of selling fresh Naga chilies – once considered the world’s hottest variety.Speaking to TOI, the farm said it produced 300 kilos of the Naga this year and the whole stock finished within weeks.The Naga was officially measured at over one million Scoville Heat Units (SHU) in 2006 and replaced the then hottest chilli in the world – Red Savina Habanero (557,000 SHU, measured in 1994) as the top record holder.

In present day, the Carolina Reaper is the hottest chili in the world with 2 million SHU followed by the Trinidad Scorpion which is 1.4 million SHU.

Owner of the farm Steve Waters, who crossed one million pound worth of sales this year told TOI that it is incredibly difficult to grow the Naga chili.

“It takes seven months from seed to ripe fruit and is fiercely hot. The demand for the chili in Britain has been rocketing and we have finally managed to grow it in British spoil in large volumes. People don’t have to bank to dried Naga chilies imported from India but can buy them fresh, plucked straight from the plant in the farm. This is the first year we have started selling the fruit and have already become hugely popular. We are also making super fiery sauces from the Naga chili”.

“This variety is very susceptible to wind and rain and aren’t very good in high humidity. We have therefore started harvesting them in a poly tunnel glass house.

Naga harvesting lasts a long season – seeds are sown in February and it ripens end of September. The farm had till now been importing seeds of the Naga from an Indian company called Frontal Agrotech. Each fruit costs 50 pence and is as hot as four packs of normal chilies. The tricky part of harvesting the Naga is the germination.

Waters said “Naga was the first chili in the world top cross the one million SHU mark. It has taken us five years to finally manage a season of reliable crop. We are the first chili farm in Britain producing fresh Nagas for home consumption. Last year, we collected our own seeds and germinated them in house. This also helps us so away with the headache of trying to source them from India as the seeds are difficult to find”.

Waters added “The germination rate of the Naga is very low. We found that soaking them overnight helps in germination. Our scientific studies showed that keeping them in dark areas also helped them grow better”.

Alex Graeme, a local guide heading Unique Devon Tours said the farm has become a major tourist attraction. The Naga chilies are cultivated mainly in the north eastern states of Assam, Nagaland and Manipur. In 2007, the Guinness Book of World Records certified that the Naga was the world’s hottest chili pepper, 401.5 times hotter than Tabasco sauce.